Business Launch Plan (K-2nd)

Student Launch Plan

Learn how to build your 1st business!

Online Program Description:

5 classes / 1hr each

K - 2nd grade

Introduce your student to the exciting world of entrepreneurship. 

Your student will read 2 books (The Young Entrepreneur & The Young Investor) that follow the stories of children starting their first business. 

After reading the books, your student will create a basic business model and present it to the class.

Limited Overview of the Curriculum:

  • Read The Young Entrepreneur.
  • Read The Young Investor.
  • Learn basic financial literacy.
  • Develop a basic business model.
  • Pitch the business model to the class.

What's Included?

  • 1 Student Online License

Michael McElroy
Michael McElroy
Program Storyteller

Students will follow each book from the captivating voice of Michael McElroy.