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Course Description

The "Entrepreneurship for Kids" course introduces kids to the creative world of entrepreneurship. 

We will show them how to turn their ideas into reality.

Every course follows a story

Children will follow the story of Santiago who wants to start his own business in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Santiago is a student in 6th grade at Esperanza Elementary School. Santiago’s father owns a local car dealership and his mother owns a wedding photography business. When Santiago grows older, he wants to be just like his parents. He likes how his parents are able to set their own schedules and lead a group of people. Santiago wants to be a business owner but he has no idea how to start. 

Who can start a business? Is it difficult? 

Can a kid start a business? 

Santiago is about to learn entrepreneurship.

Start with Part 1

Start your journey by screening Part 1 of the course.

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After Part 1, enroll in our Starter Plan get 15 keys that unlock ALL the courses. 

You can then finish this course and earn your ENTREPRENEURSHIP COIN

Are you ready to begin? Let's go!

My name is Dwight the Light Bulb and I will be your guide during this course. 

I have helped students from around the world learn how to become entrepreneurs. Now, I'm going to help you turn your first idea into a business.

Don't be afraid to dream big and think outside the box!

If you ever have questions about the program, have your parent or teacher contact us below.