Paper Board Game

Paper Board Game

Available Languages: English & Farsi

What is the Paper Board Game?

The Kid Entrepreneurship Paper Board Game is designed to teach your kid the process of launching a business.

From creating a business idea to exiting with an IPO, this board game includes many experiences and obstacles an entrepreneur will face during the startup journey. Kids will also learn different milestones a startup achieves such as finding a co-founder, selling your first product/service, receiving funding, and going international.

The Kid Entrepreneurship Paper Board Game is a great way for you to introduce your child to entrepreneurship in a fun environment.

The Kid Entrepreneurship Paper Board Game includes many experiences an entrepreneur faces throughout the startup journey. Some experiences include your co-founder leaves, the company’s computer network is hacked, and your miss your loan payment. 

Entrepreneur School Board Game

In the beginning of the board game, your kid needs to build up enough traction before they receive their first round of funding. Some build ups include creating a website, refining a business model, getting an expert advisor, and building a prototype.  

Entrepreneur School Board Game

Each player chooses an industry card and must think of a business idea before the game begins. Some industries include automotive, food/beverage, media, hospitality, and sports. 

Entrepreneur School Board Game

The Paper Board Game is for children eights years or older. Parents are encouraged to play the game with their children. 

Dice are not included. 

The game is on a PDF. You must PRINT OUT the PDF then cut the game pieces with scissors. 

Entrepreneur School Board GameEntrepreneur School Board Game

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