Management for Kids -

Management for Kids

Introduction on how to manage a team in a business.

Course Description

The "Management for Kids" course introduces children to management and why its important in entrepreneurship.

There are quizzes and activities throughout the course along with a master exam at the end.

 Children must pass the master exam with at least a 70% to complete the course.

Every course follows a story

Children will follow the story of Omar who lives in Cairo, Egypt. Omar has always been connected to jewelry and precious stones. Over the years he has collected hundreds of different gems and his passion eventually developed into a business. Omar now has 8 gem stores located throughout Cairo. The name of his stores are Rare Mineral Collectibles. Each of his stores has 2 full time employees and one manager for a total workforce of 24. Customers have been visiting his stores for years and have always posted on social media about their enjoyable experiences. However recently, customers have been commenting on the lack of respect they have received from Omar’s employees. Since he works from home, he usually doesn’t visit the stores for months at a time. He didn't realize this was happening! What hasn't his team been handling this growing crisis. They should know that customers should be treated with amazing service and that the store should always be spotless. 

Omar needs to learn management.

Earn your Management Coin

At the end of the course, you will earn your MANAGEMENT COIN

Try to get all the coins to become a master in kid entrepreneurship. Are you ready to begin? Let's go!

Dwight the Light Bulb
Dwight the Light Bulb
Course Instructor
My name is Dwight the Light Bulb and I will be your guide during this course. 

I have helped students from around the world learn how to become entrepreneurs. Now, I'm going to help you turn your first idea into a business.

Don't be afraid to dream big and think outside the box!

If you ever have questions about the program, have your parent or teacher contact us below.