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Pitch Decks for Kids

Introduction on how to structure a startup presentation.

Course Description

The "Pitch Decks for Kids" course introduces children to pitch decks and why they are important in entrepreneurship. 

There are quizzes and activities throughout the course along with a master exam at the end.

 Children must pass the master exam with at least a 70% to complete the course.

Every course follows a story

Children will follow the story of Akio who is a medical researcher in Tokyo, Japan. For years, Akio has been researching the infamous disease of cancer hoping to create a better treatment than what’s currently available. Unfortunately, his father passed away from cancer when he was young. It greatly affected Akio and made him question why there was no cure. He promised himself that when he grew older, he would find a cure to the disease.  After many trials and errors, he believes he has discovered a treatment. The treatment is very complex and will require lots of funding for clinical trials on humans. Luckily, there are a group of investors that regularly visit the laboratory he researches in at the local university in Tokyo. How can Akio explain the treatment so investors understand? He needs to make a pitch deck.

Earn your Pitch Deck Coin

At the end of the course, you will earn your PITCH DECK COIN

Try to get all the coins to become a master in kid entrepreneurship. Are you ready to begin? Let's go!

Dwight the Light Bulb
Dwight the Light Bulb
Course Instructor
My name is Dwight the Light Bulb and I will be your guide during this course. 

I have helped students from around the world learn how to become entrepreneurs. Now, I'm going to help you turn your first idea into a business.

Don't be afraid to dream big and think outside the box!

If you ever have questions about the program, have your parent or teacher contact us below.